Character profiles for Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale 

Packaging design is one of the main elements of the marketing mix. It is known to be the visual face of the brand and product. Through packaging, you can promote your product, gain brand recognition and create an impression.

Packaging design is a concept far beyond the confines of creating a box used to place a product. This task is particularly known to be quite obvious, implied, and straightforward. The purpose of packaging design is manifold.

The packaging designs are made to produce something that communicates directly to the target audience to establish a positive connection with the customer. Successful custom rigid box packaging design requires consideration of two essential factors in this context, i.e. audiences and sectors.

Types of Customers 

The first step to successful design for custom rigid boxes is to identify the main audience that the packaging design will appeal to. Instead of creating custom rigid boxes that continuously strive to compete for new customers, the focus of the brands and rigid box manufacturers USA should also be on retaining existing customers. By doing that, the brand will retain the existing customers and simultaneously make new ones. This strategy helps the brand in covering more market share and increasing sales. There are five main types of shoppers.

Loyal customers – Loyal customers trust your product and brand. They put their full faith in you and advocate for you. For these customers, the cost is never an issue. These customers are extremely important since your brand is tied to their identity.

Discount customers – These customers are frequent shoppers; however, they look for discount sales and cost-saving opportunities.

Impulse customers – These customers never visit an outlet with a particular item on their shopping list. These customers buy what seems like the right choice at the time.

Needs-based customers – These are usually loyal customers; however, they shop with a specific intention to buy a particular type of item.

Wandering customers – These customers do not have any specific need or desire in mind. They rather hope to gain a sense of experience.

Character profiles for Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale 

Designing custom rigid boxes wholesale is far more than the mere beautification through finishing techniques, graphics, and illustrations. Well-designed custom rigid boxes wholesale will end up as utter failure if the message they transmit is not recognized or accepted by the target market. For instance, using floral patterns or delicate designs in pink color on male cosmetic products is unlikely to succeed. Such designs are likely to conflict with the masculine self-image of the target market. Therefore, care needs to be taken to ensure that a suitable message is delivered. At times, this can be harder than you might think. Always find a well-reputed packaging solution provider. Make sure that your rigid boxes are not bundles of contradictions. Ensure that your custom rigid box manufacturers USA provide packaging solutions that are appealing to the target audience.

Packaging Republic believes that branded packaging should be geared to the character profile of the target consumer. Your customized packaging boxes must be designed around your consumers’ likes, motivations, preferences, and aspirations. Having a basic yet clear understanding of the target audience is crucial as it can help you to successfully generate a packaging design to which the consumers respond well.