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Ways Of Creating Important Leads For Your Consulting Business

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As a new consultant, it is always important that you have new fresh leads because they are the life of your business. Once you run out of these leads your consulting business will go south. There will be no business to sell to potential clients.

Getting leads might be tasked with the constant changes in the consulting market, but it is definitely not impossible. Truth is, there will always be new leads out there, you just have to go out and get them.

Of course, many of these new leads will most likely not work out well, but that should not stop you from going out to get them. Most importantly resist the temptation to give out your leads for free because of the promise of a bigger pay down the line. Be professional about it, it is business.

These promises never work out well. The clients will keep coming back for more freebies and make money off you instead. You should always select people you give out stuff to, be selective. It is your business and not a charity organization.

There are different ways of generating leads for your business. However, you have to specify your parameters and not take on everyone who comes calling. You have to decline some because they may be outrightly difficult and some will want guarantees which you cannot give.

Now, even though a declining business may be hard for you when you are just starting up, you will be glad you did in the long run. Here are some ways to generate leads:

Getting A Great Ranking For Your Site

One of the proven ways of generating leads for your business is to have your site rank among the top whenever there is a search for a business in your field. You can get your site to rank amongst the top sites by applying search engine optimization.

If your site ranks among the top three when someone makes a search for consulting businesses in, let’s say, Nevada, then you are doing pretty okay.

Blog Some Useful Content

You should have a blog on your site where you update content which provides useful information, particularly in your business. Doing this will not only bring you closer to the people but also creates trust and credibility.

When people see how much useful content you give away, they will come for the main dish. However, it is important that you blog useful content consistently, and not just once in a while.

Specific Paid Ads

Running ads that are specifically targeted at a particular audience will bring you the leads you desire. Many social media platforms have this feature, especially Facebook. Not only is this method effective but it is also thrifty and saves energy.

Make Use Of Groups, Build Your Network

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Facebook groups and other communities in LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram is a nice and effective way of chasing and generating leads. It is important that you target people in the field that you are interested in, and not go out catching all types of fish. Zoom in.

Make Great Videos

Let people see you do what you do. Make videos with consulting keyword terms. This will most likely show up on Google search anywhere. It is one way of advertising your work as well as garnering traffic for your site.


Connect with other people in your field. This will keep you up to speed on the happenings in the market so that you will not be left behind. In addition, it exposes you to all kinds of lead as your cordial relationship with people in your network will come to bear.

Retarget Your Potential Clients

Maybe all they need is a little bit more convincing to change their mind and succumb. Retargeting may seem a little like stalking but studies show that it works most times and the potential client that would have walked away is roped back in.

Meet Like Minds

This is still all about networking. However, networking is really better face to face than just through social media platforms. It is important to go to meetings of like minds where ideas and experience are exchanged. Become a good member of any known group that specializes in your field.

Once in a while, you should ask to speak to them. This is your audience and you should try as much as possible to make them buy into your ideas.

Make Use Of Email Marketing

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This helps you target a particular audience and maintain a steady relationship with them. It is just targeting and retargeting, making sure you never get too far away from their minds.

Create Business Cards

Have your cards distributed among friends, business associates, clients, and almost everyone. I know it seems old school bit the dividends is really nice. This is a great way of sourcing leads.

Social Media Marketing

Market yourself using social media platforms. They are many and one of the fun things is that they crisscross and one content on a platform can be shared with others. Whatever you do, do not underestimate the importance of social media in lead generation.

Creating engaging content on your pages on these platforms is the key to interacting with potential clients and getting that lead you have been after. Not only does it save cost and time, but it is also very effective, almost as sure as sure itself.

Have Your Clients Talk About You

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Of course, you can not go forcing people to talk about you. So how do you get your clients talking about you? You do this by providing great services to whatever client you deal with. Let your product speak for itself.

I guarantee you that those clients will go about making referrals about your business. There is no better advert than that passed by word of mouth, and this will most definitely get you leads.