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Is Off-The-Shelf Software Useless?

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If you’re looking for good property management software, you’re probably thinking bespoke software is the only viable solution. After all, a solution that’s completely tailor-made to suit your company’s personal needs may seem like the optimal way to go. In most cases, that is definitely the case. However, that doesn’t mean off-the-shelf software is completely useless. Here are a couple of reasons why you would opt for an off-the-shelf option rather than a bespoke one.

The price

Best price

If you want a software for your company that you can afford right off the bat, off-the-shelf software may be just the option for you. They’re significantly cheaper than bespoke options, and the price comes with most of the necessary amenities you need, including bug fixes, troubleshooting, updates, etc.

Ready to roll

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While off-the-shelf software may not be built specifically with your business in mind, it is designed with working for most users in mind. Finely tweaking all of your individual features will take a long time, but off-the-shelf software is already designed, published, and ready for you to pick up and install on your company’s computers. If you’re really in a hurry, it really is the best choice you can make.

Good quality

It may not be the best quality, as obviously bespoke solutions will fit any particular user’s needs better, but for the most part, off-the-shelf solutions get the job done. Additionally, you can always look up user reviews to see for yourself what people have to say about a product before you purchase it.