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Has Social Media Killed Customer Service?

Customer service

In this day and age, it is clear to see that technology and more specifically the social media has systematically overtaken everything we do in our day to day activities. People rely more on connecting with their friends and family through any of the various social media platforms rather than actually getting together and sharing some fun times.

This is no different for businesses as well, has many companies both multinationals and small ones are going all out to ensure they have a website so as to enhance the reach of their targets and customers and like any good business that has the customer in mind, they make provision for customers to contact them or better put the equivalent of customer service representatives such as FAQs, live chats and so on.

At first glance,  these computerized channels lined up for customers with complaints to contact the company may seem easy to log complaints or make inquiries, but over time it has been discovered  that they are often a waste of time, has many customers go round in circle without resolving any of their problems or get answers to their problems.

Customer service agents in a call center with headset on

One old and proven-to-be-true method of communicating with customers calling customer service representatives. This means of logging complaints and making inquiries have proven to be very efficient and effective and it gives a customer a relaxed composure that comes with speaking with a fellow human and ultimately getting the result as well as making a customer happy.

A company that wants to remain relevant has to find a unique communication plan between it and its customers. Whatever means a company chooses for its customer to contact them has to be result driven and tailored to fit different types of customers. That is if the email is the means through which your customers can reach you, ensure that emails are responded to promptly.

If your company s value can be vouched for and you have nothing to hide, your address and company or customer care phone lines, as well as email, should be listed on the website. By so doing, customers will feel welcomed and would definitely keep coming back to patronize your company.


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Because of the wide reach of the internet, businesses today concern themselves more with having the and most attractive websites design, neglecting the most important part of having the website in the first place. No doubt being tech-savvy is key to staying relevant and standing in the league of competitors, but not so much as jeopardizing customer relations.

You can use all the social media platforms at your disposal to promote your business, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and so on, but ensure that these accounts are closely followed up by your staffs, promptly responding to emails, live chat, and comments and the likes.

Be aware that customers will take a liking to use your website more if it has a human feel to it. Being able to link the bridge between a wonderful online experience and an excellent customer service set you apart and on top of your game.  Always give the impression that you are available to help your customers with whatever and whenever they need it.